Rodionenko: Komova’s comeback is a great thing

Valentina Rodionenko talked to R-Sport about the Voronin Cup’s results and her thoughts on Nagornyy, Komova and Melnikova:

“About the guys: Nikita Nagornyy looked good and all of his routines had good difficulty. Nikita Ignatyev, you can say, looked ok, but not on all apparatuses. Lankin also did his routines fine, so the young guys did a good job. But I’d like to see more competition”.

While Angelina Melnikova won the all-around she did it with a fall on beam and the next day, after winning silver on vault and bars, took the last place in the floor final. Rodionenko was clearly not happy with these results:

“Regarding Melnikova, we’ll have to figure it out. The injuries that she had, that didn’t allow her to train fully, her failure at the World Championships… She’s now started training very seriously, but we’ll have to wait, have to wait, work with her and figure out what’s going on with her”.

However, Rodionenko was happy with Komova’s first competition after the comeback:

“Komova’s comeback is a great thing. After such a long break, she competed all-around. It was a very promising competition for her, even though she’s not yet doing the routines she’s supposed to. But she’s recovering. After all, it’s a great thing that she returned after such an injury”.


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