Aliya Mustafina will compete all-around at the Russian Championships

Aliya Mustafina was a guest of honor at the Voronin Cup’s press conference and talked about her competition plans. She is currently training on all four apparatuses but does not plan to compete before April. However, in April, at Russian Championships, she plans on competing all-around:

“The recovery is going slowly, I’m not in a hurry, not in a rush, everything’s measured. I decided not to compete at the Voronin Cup in order not to rush [the preparation], everything is going as planned. As needed. Generally, everyone’s pleased [with my comeback] and the coaches probably thought that I’d get to some elements only later. I plan on returning at the Russian Championships and competing on all four apparatuses, but we’ll see how it goes, I can’t rush things. It’s more important to prepare for the European Championships”.

“I’m already training all four apparatuses but my routines are far from competitive yet. The beam is a bit easier for me and I’m also starting to remember the bars, connect the elements. I started vaulting a bit, everything’s going smoothly.”


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