Ashton Locklear had a knee surgery

Ashton Locklear has announced on her Instagram that she underwent a knee surgery to fix a problem that’s been bothering her for years. In the past years, Locklear couldn’t train floor and vault on the elite level due to her knee problems and focused on bars and beam. Last fall Locklear had a shoulder surgery following her injury in the bars final at the 2017 Worlds Championships. She then moved to Texas and started training with Laurent Landi at the World Champions Center together with Simone Biles. The gymnast said that she hopes to come back after this surgery better than before:

“today I had surgery on my knee to FINALLY fix something that has been a problem since I was 7 years old. I’ve had a bad history of dislocating my patella and it has held me back in this sport since as long as I can remember buttttt I’m happy to say that it was a successful surgery & i’m ready to come back BETTER than ever. I’m excited to see what i’m capable of without this problem in the way”.


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