Belyavskiy: Our goal was to place in the top 24 and we did it

David Belyavskiy and Nikita Nagornyy will compete in the all-around final tonight. While for Beliavskiy, the qualification went very successfully, Nagornyy only qualified to the all-around final from the 11th place, missing on vault and floor finals. In the interview to MatchTV, the gymnasts talked about the qualifications:

Belyavskiy: “Actually, our place in the qualification doesn’t mean anything, we had to place among the top 24 and we did it.”

Nagornyy: “I made a lot of mistakes. Vault is my apparatus, which I had to do not just well, but great, I guess… I went and fell. Unfortunately, I don’t really know the exact reason. I think that the new Gymnova apparatuses here are not exactly the same as the ones we have in our gym. And they were also slippery because a lot of people from other countries covered them with honey, then chalk, then honey again, and what happened is that there was this thick layer of chalk on the top of the vaulting table and my hands just slipped forward on it. I don’t really know how I managed to finish the vault but the most important thing is that I did it and I didn’t get a zero, so I’m in the all-around final now. And there the most important thing is not to make the same mistake, but I think it would be impossible to make this mistake again. I believe we’ve really upgraded our difficulty and our routines, you could say, are the most competitive now. If we’ll do our full routines on each apparatus, then…”

Belyavskiy, interrupts: “then we can compete with everyone on every apparatus”.

Emin Garibov, who stayed in Moscow in order to work as a commentator for MatchTV in the finals, added that the conditions in Canada are great but the time difference and jet lag might have affected the gymnasts:

“The conditions are all good, but I think that the time difference is affecting them since Canada is 7 hours behind – it’s not that easy. They arrived less than a week before the competition, so… I hope that by the all-around they’ll adjust to the new time zone completely”.


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