Chusovitina had to miss training because of an injury

Oksana Chusovitina qualified to the vault final in Montreal from the 8th place. She had a lower difficulty than usual but managed to perform her vaults with great execution. Turns out that she lowered her difficulty due to an injury – she tore a calf muscle recently and had to miss training because of it. She talked to R-Sport about the qualification:

“I competed in the last subdivision and, after my routine, there was no one who could try to get into the final. I had to stick both of my vaults and then I’d make the final. Even though the vaults weren’t difficult, I was a bit nervous today. Three weeks ago I tore the gastrocnemius muscle and I couldn’t train for a few days after this injury”.

“I’m already pleased that I made the vault final, and the competition will start from scratch there. I am now making myself and the crowd happy. This support that I get from the fans gives me extra strength, confidence and a desire to compete as long as possible”.

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