Chusovitina was elected as the WAG athlete representative

Last night Oksana Chusovitina was elected as the new WAG athlete representative in the FIG replacing Beth Tweddle in this position.

Chusovitina talked to R-Sport about what it means to her to be the athlete representative:

“There was no competition, I was told: “Oksanochka, if you want [to be the athlete representative] – you can!” If I’ll be able to help the athletes, to do something for them, I’ll be happy. If the athletes have any questions or problems, I will help them, because I’m still training and competing and can feel how hard it can be for the athletes sometimes. People who sit behind the computers in the technical committee don’t understand that but we’re are experiencing it. I really want for the athletes to feel comfortable, not to be afraid of anything or shy. And for them to stay in gymnastics as long as possible if they can and want to do that.”


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