Dalaloyan is jumping through hoops to promote gymnastics

Russian male gymnasts apparently decided that it’s not enough to get injured during the regular training and opened a Youtube channel on which they post videos of themselves doing crazy tricks. What could go wrong?

The channel is called “Vam slabo?” which can be translated from Russian as “Do you dare to do it?” It’s made by Nikita Nagornyy, Dmitrii Lankin, and Artur Dalaloyan. The gymnasts accept dares from the public: you can send them a video of yourself doing some acrobatic trick and they will try to repeat it. Seems like it’s the newest part of Nagornyy’s vlogging efforts to promote gymnastics in Russia.

In this video, they are trying to jump through hoops. First, they try to jump through a bigger hoop, then through a smaller one, then through both hoops at once. Dalaloyan does most of the jumping while Nikita is mostly narrating.

On one hand, that seems like a great way to create more interest in artistic gymnastics especially to MAG, which isn’t very popular in Russia. The gymnasts seem to prepare for the tricks, trying the jumps without the hoops first and analyzing slow-motion videos of the trick. It is nice to watch them having so much fun, especially since both Nagornyy and Dalaloyan have recently said they’ve been struggling with motivation. On the other hand, it would be such a pity if they got injured while trying to create viral Youtube videos.

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  • yeah, I am all about promotion but seeing as though they don’t jump through hoops in MAG, it is a bit pointless. They already have Nikita Day, stick to that.

    Nikita needs to work harder on his gymnastics than doing viral videos. Also Artur is not consistent. I also hope they don’t get injured.

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