Dmitrii Lankin: if I have spare time, I’d rather take a nap

Russian gymnasts received a week of vacation after the Euros before coming back to the training camp this week. This training camp will also be notable because Viktoriya Komova is joining it on the 7th of May, meaning she is indeed very serious about her comeback. The RGF website published updates on what the Euro medalists were up to during their vacations.

David Belyavskiy went to Dubai with his wife. He feels completely rested and ready to work again. He likes both laying on the beach and more active types of vacation such as swimming and playing volleyball. At the training camp, he will work on getting back full routines on vault, floor, and rings. The routines are almost ready, but he doesn’t yet have enough stamina to go through them. He also needs to add one new element each to parallel bars and pommel horse. Even during the vacation, he was thinking about the preparations for the Worlds.

Angelina Melnikova wasn’t able to really rest because she needed to take exams at school. She was mostly doing homework during the vacation, but, at least, she took a little break from gymnastics. Her ideal vacation is to spend time with family and friends. She’s going to work on some upgrades during the training camp.

Artur Dalaloyan spent his vacation in Moscow with his family and girlfriend. He went to his home gym Dynamo, awarded medals to the winners of the Moscow Federation Cup in artistic gymnastics. He also met his coach and discussed the Euros results with him (Kalinin, Artur’s personal coach, didn’t travel to Cluj). Most of his free time Artur spent with his girlfriend taking walks and riding scooters. He feels that this was enough for him to get a rest and feel energetic again.

Elena Eremina didn’t really take a vacation. She was still conditioning in the gym the whole time and she was also studying a lot, preparing for high school exams and meeting with tutors every day. She thinks that vacation should be just a change of activity, so for her focusing on studies was a good change from doing gymnastics. During this training camp, he is going to work on some upgrades and mostly on consistency during her routines.

Nikita Nagornyy stayed home for his vacation but took a little break from training. He’s eagerly waiting for the rehabilitation training camp that will take place in Cyprus this year. His favorite kind of vacation is laying on the beach with a glass of cold pear lemonade and without cell or Wi-Fi reception. Only this way he ca fully relax. During this training camp he’s going to focus on vault execution and adding some upgrades on other apparatuses, because he wants to challenge for medals at Worlds.

Dmitrii Lankin had to go home during his vacation because he just turned 20 years old and needed to receive a new id (in Russia, a national id has to be reissued when one turns 20 and then 45). He says: “I didn’t quite get a rest, but restore some energy. My favorite kind of vacation is sleeping, I just like to sleep, so if I have spare time, I’d rather take a nap”. During this training camp, I plan on returning to the all-around, make some upgrades and work on the execution.


Photo: UEG website

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