Elena Eremina was a guest on SportFM

Elena Eremina recently appeared on a talk show on SportFM radio.

She talked a bit about her daily life. She is homeschooled and will graduate high school in Spring. She really likes drawing and dancing and loves making videos for her Youtube channel.

A few interesting gymnastics tidbits:

Her next competition will be Toyota International in Japan in December.

The coaches collect statistics on how many routines are done without falls or major mistakes in a week.

When at Round Lake, she trains two times a day, one practice between breakfast and lunch and the second one from 16:30 till 19:00 or 20:00.

She doesn’t have any special rituals before competitions.

She gets frustrated when people unfamiliar with gymnastics ask her if she can do a split or a salto. She is then tempted to say she can’t.


Elena Eremina also recently posted a vlog about Worlds. She mostly just described Montreal and their hotel and the travel, but there was an interesting story she told about the after-competition banquet. This banquet was mainly targeted at gymnasts and not coaches as it didn’t have food (only some drinks and, weirdly, marmalade) and the main activity was dancing. The dancing started around 9 pm and then around 11 pm Eremina and Ilyankova got tired and started looking for the coaches to go back to the hotel. But the coaches left already and the bus has left at 10 pm. Only after the dancing ended around 12:30 pm the girls learned that there would be another bus leaving for their hotel. While Eremina laughed telling this story, she also recounted that she and Nastia were pretty upset when they learned that all the adults from their team left and that no one bothered to explain to them how to get back to the hotel. Considering that both girls are only 16, this does not seem responsible on the part of the coaches/team administrators.


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