For Chusovitina, the 2017 Worlds are the first step to Tokyo

Oksana Chusovitina told TASS that for her the upcoming Worlds in Montreal are the first step on her way to the 2020 Olympics. If she competes in Tokyo, this will be her 8th Olympic Games.

“I am participating in these World Championships because I decided to prepare for the Olympics in Tokyo. I will move towards this goal step by step. This is my dream and I want to make it come true. I’m trying this so I won’t have any regrets.”

“The new quad is starting and I want to try my new beam routine and to compete my old vaults. Besides that, I need to get familiar with the new code of points, to understand what to expect from it, to see the new competitors. That’s why I want to compete and see what’s happening in the gymnastics worlds at the moment”.


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