Khorkina: WADA needs to be either reorganized or dismantled

Svetlana Khorkina continues speaking out against WADA, IOC and the doping scandal.

She appeared on the national tv talking about the latest news that WADA still considers RUSADA non-compliant and the Russia can face repercussions at the Winter Olympics. According to her, athletes with TUEs should not be allowed to compete at the same competitions as regular athletes. In addition, she also attacked transgender athletes.

“There are one or two medical institutions in Switzerland that give therapeutic use exemptions to the athletes so that they could take medications from the banned list. Some [athletes] get the TUEs faster, while in case of others they take time to think whether to give it or the conditions aren’t serious enough. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to classify this “therapeutically¬†sick” athletes. They’re not exactly paralympians – they have their legs and arms, but they’re still kind of sick. Well, let them participate in alternative competitions, let them have different Games. And transgenders are even worse [than athletes with TUEs].”

“WADA has to be either reorganized or dismantled. I started in the sport at 4 years old and finished at 25. And only when they started discovering all this, I learned that apparently, it was possible to get TUEs. What state-sanctioned doping? I went to three Olympics, there was so much going on and now, apparently, it turns out that it was possible to get these TUEs. I don’t understand where they got it [the idea of the state doping program]. That’s why we can’t confess. I was taking care of my business [when I was an athlete] and WADA should be taking care of theirs.”

“Competing without the flag or the anthem? Guys, this is my country, my motherland! Why should I renounce my mother when I go to compete? I’m not an orphan! My country gave birth to me and gave me everything she had! The rest was patience and hard work. But it’s a difficult choice and I can understand those who are ready to compete under a neutral flag.”

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