Khorkina: You can’t break Russia because we have our army, nuclear power, and great people

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee made a decision to ban Russia as a country from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics as a punishment for the state-sponsored doping. Since then, multiple Russian athletes, celebrities, and government figures spoke out in outrage. Svetlana Khorkina has been very vocal about the doping scandal from the very beginning, even dedicating a whole chapter in her last book to this topic. She believes that the allegations are false and that they’re a part of a conspiracy against Russia.

As you can imagine, Svetlana Khorkina had a lot of feelings about the IOC’s decision. Here are some excerpts from her interview from yesterday:

“I think it [the ban] is impossible. I was listening to the IOC’s decision today and I was surprised. Today, the foundation of the whole international Olympic movement has cracked… How are we going to live from now on? Frankly, I hope that there will be more changes further… But today, it’s hard for me to even comment… How can I wrap my head around the ban on participating in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games?! Where have we ended up?! To break the great nation of Russia?! No, they won’t be able to. This country – RUSSIA in all capital letters – has the army, nuclear power, and great people!”

“We’ve won over everyone a long time ago. They, including the IOC, have already admitted their uselessness. There are weird people there who think they’re better than everyone else. Honestly, I don’t understand what will happen next. We’re waiting for the opinion of our officials who have the power and have to prepare the answer. They have to tell to the whole country how we’re going to live from now on”.

“Let’s get back to Earth and say who are the principal actors at the Olympic Games. Athletes, that’s exactly right! And all these WADA, IOC, CAS – they’re just the service personnel. They shouldn’t be seen at all. They should work that athletes from every country could demonstrate their mastery at the Olympics. I repeat: all these officials shouldn’t be seen or heard – they’re service personnel. Because this WADA imagined themselves a master of destinies! Who are you? The athlete is the master and you’re just service people.”

“Now everything has turned upside down, they got confused a bit. These ladies and gents lost their sense of smell. Again: the most important people at the Olympics are the athletes and the fans. Fans don’t come to watch the officials who place their butts into big chairs. I believe that the family of Olympic champions will fix this situation. I really hope so”.

In addition, Khorkina reiterated that the ban is a part of an ideological attack against Russia and that other countries want to get rid of a strong competitor in order to have better chances to win medals.


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