Komova: I want to see how my back reacts to competing

Viktoria Komova is competing at the Voronin Cup today, her first competition since the back injury. Before the competition, she talked to the media about what she expects from her performances:

“Since I started recovering from my back injury this past February, already in the summer, I decided to compete at this event. I haven’t participated in competitions for two whole years! Of course, I’m not close to my Olympic shape, my routines are still kind of weak. I’ll need quite a lot of time to recover them.”

“This competition is very important for me. I just need to remember what it is to compete, to set some specific goal for myself after the competition. I will definitely feel more confident at the Russian Championships in April. I’ll compete all-around here which actually surprises many. I’m curious myself how I’ll do here, how my back will react. After that, we’ll be setting new goals. I guess it’s too early to talk about serious gymnastics dreams for now”.


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