Komova is back at the Round Lake

Yesterday, Viktoria Komova arrived at the Round Lake for a training camp. She is still coming back to full training load, but she believes that the conditions at the Round Lake would be better for her recovery, her father said. In addition to the superior training facilities, the Round Lake has a full medical staff. Komova’s coach, Gennady Elfimov, also spends quite a lot of time at the national training center, so she needed to travel with him in order to train.

Journalists from Match TV are following Komova this week and a TV special about her comeback is expected to air soon. On his Instagram, Dmitry Zanin, a Match TV journalist, says cryptically that Komova only has one week to prove herself to the coaches, which sounds strange, as Komova is included on the national team reserve list till the end of the year and it is unlikely that she would be thrown off the team just after a week of training, even if unsuccessful.

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  • I notice that too, about proving to the trainers within a week’s time frame. Maybe the producers of the show want more drama added to the documentary to attract attention. They could be exaggerating. She cannot possibly prove that she’s ready for anything in a week. She can show she’s fit and in reasonable condition after such a long hiatus from intense training.

    • Yeah, I also think that it was just an exaggeration for tv. She’s on salary on the national team, she’s not going anywhere till the end of the year.

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