Komova will compete all-around at the Voronin Cup

Viktoria Komova talked to TASS during the rehearsals for Alexey Nemov’s gymnastics show – she will perform in the show tomorrow together with Aliya Mustafina, Angelina Melnikova, Elena Eremina and other members of the national team.

As planned, Komova’s first competition will be the Voronin Cup in December and she’s preparing to compete all-around there. She is still aiming very high despite her injuries and wants to become a European and World champion if her health will allow it:

“The main thing that was guiding me through this comeback was the desire to see for myself – would I be able to come back to my previous level after such a long break. Of course, I have long terms goals like becoming a European or World champion, but, for now, I don’t know how my body will react to all this training load and whether I might get injured again.”

“I’m preparing for the Voronin Cup in December where I will compete on all four apparatuses. For now, it’s going well but I’m not trying to rush anything and getting in shape slowly. Everything’s going according to the plan: first, a competition in Moscow at the end of the year, then I’m going to compete at the Russian Championships in Spring where I’ll try to make the team for the European Championships in Glasgow.”

“It’s hard for me to say right now how competitive my current routines are at the international level. I haven’t been training for a long time and I want to restore my old routines now. Generally, they’re still competitive, but I’ll have to work on them some more. I think I’m 50% ready right now and it’s the hardest work at the moment – to repeat the routines every day. I had to make some changes to the routines, though. For example, on beam, I had to change some elements because my back doesn’t allow me to do some things. As you understand, no injury heals without consequences, but my back doesn’t prevent me from full training.”

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