Maria Paseka victim-shames a rape survivor

Well, Maria Paseka just proved that she indeed has too much time on her hands and she didn’t make the wisest decision on what to spend it.

In the last few days, a rape survivor Diana Shurygina made the news because the rapist, Sergey Semyonov, is being released out of jail early. Shurygina was raped when she was 16 years old, by an acquaintance at a party, and she went public with her accusations. As backward as Russian society still is when it comes to rape and consent, it didn’t go well. Shurygina was repeatedly slut-shamed, accused of lying and became an object of jokes and memes. Even the Russian branch of Burger King got in on the memes when they used Shurygina’s likeness in their ad.

Today, Paseka posted a fragment from a video with Shurygina on her Instagram saying “I want to hear your opinion. What do you think of her. Poor victim [facepalm emoticon]” and tagging Diana Shurygina in the post.

In the comments, when asked for her own opinion, Paseka obliged:

“The girl wanted to become famous. She doesn’t know how to do anything besides inventing a story”


“If the bitch doesn’t want it, the dog won’t mount her*. You can see that the family of the boy is very cultured”.

*The saying about the dogs is often used in Russian culture to justify rape and to accuse the victim of “wanting it” and “asking for it”.

Update: Maria Paseka deleted the post a few hours later, likely because she started getting criticism in the comments.

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