Mustafina and Komova will participate in the next training camp at the Round Lake

The next national team training camp at the Round Lake will start on the 18th of October. Valentina Rodionenko told TASS that both Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova will participate in the camp. Mustafina even decided to cancel her trip to Germany for a check-up of her knee so that she wouldn’t miss the camp:

“Aliya will be at the camp, she even refused to go to Germany for a planned medical check-up of her knee. She doesn’t want to miss the camp so that she’d be able to get in shape faster.”


According to Rodionenko, several gymnasts that competed at Worlds will be permitted to miss the camp so that they would get some rest or take care of their injuries:

“We decided to let David Belyavskiy and Elena Eremina miss that camp, we’ll give them a bit more time to rest. Abliazin will also miss the camp, he’ll go to Germany for a planned check up. Another competitor from Worlds, Artur Dalaloyan, will go to a recovery camp with the Moscow team, he’ll take care of his nagging ankle injury there. The rest of the Worlds team will definitely come to the camp, we only allowed Angelina Melnikova to stay home for two-three extra days.”

It is not clear whether Maria Paseka will attend the camp since two websites today quoted Valentina Rodionenko with the news about Paseka: Rodionenko said to one website that Paseka will miss the camp but she told the opposite to the other website.

TASS quoted Valentina Rodionenko, saying that Paseka will miss the camp in order to undergo a complete check-up for her back:

“Paseka is currently undergoing a check-up at the FMBA [Federal Medical and Biological Agency], so she won’t be training at the closest camp. We need to have a final conclusion from the doctors who have to say what to do with her injured back. She can’t go on living and suffering like that. Right now she has to go to lots of doctors and then we’ll be thinking where to send her for the treatment.”

However, R-Sport also quoted Valentina Rodionenko who said that Paseka will still be training while doing the medical tests:

“Yes, she has problems with her back and she’ll have a medical check-up. But she’ll join the team on the 18th and will combine check-ups and training.”

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