Mustafina and Komova will perform at Alexey Nemov’s show

Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova will perform at Alexey Nemov’s gymnastics show “Legends of Sports: The Rise” on October 28th. The show combines artistic, rhythmic and acro routines and brings together retired stars of gymnastics like Khorkina and Zamolodchikova together with the current national team members.

Russian Federation of Artistic Gymnastics posted a short video of the preparation for the show:

This year the show will be televised and shown on Match TV on November 5th. We hope that a video of the show will appear on youtube after that.

Aliya Mustafina only came back to training less than 2 months ago but will perform on beam:

“I will perform on beam. Despite the fact that this apparatus looks dangerous, it was the easiest for me to restore my routine on. I’m recovering according to the plan, I’m not rushing anything. Is it hard for me now? I thought it would be way harder. Right now I’m cherishing every training sessions, I even moved to a later date the planned check-up at the German clinic where I had a knee surgery two years ago”.

Alexey Nemov told TASS that his main goal for the show is to promote Russian gymnastics, so he does not invite foreign gymnasts, except for a couple of his friends:

“This year three foreign gymnasts will perform here: Ivan Ivankov from Belarus, Yordan Yovchev from Bulgaria and Oksana Chusovitina from Uzbekistan who used to represent the Soviet Union. These are all my friends. Regarding inviting other foreign starts, I’m inclined towards promoting Russian gymnasts specifically, because they are stars of international caliber”.


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