Mustafina is not coming back this season

Aliya Mustafina talked to the media for the first time after the birth of her daughter.

Mustafina and her husband, Alexey Zaytsev, participated in the Olympic Day celebrations in Moscow today and the gymnast talked to TASS and R-Sport about her current life and a possible comeback to gymnastics:

“Despite the fact that I just recently became a mother, I still keep in touch with the national team. Until recently I often visited the Round Lake and I’m still a part of the team. Right now all my plans are focused on my family.

We’re fine, my baby daughter tries not to bother her parents much and sleeps for most of the time. Thanks to her grandmother who helps us, while the grandfather is waiting for us in the village. I haven’t yet started going to the gym, I’m dedicating all my time to my daughter.

The upcoming Worlds will, of course, take place without me. Byt that time I won’t even start trying to recover.  Right now I have no plans to come back to training this season, I don’t have time for training. I have other things on my mind, my baby daughter is home. I devote myself to her and my family. We’ll see what’s next.”

Mustafina, Zaytsev and Spiridonova at the Olympic Day celebration.

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