Mustafina won’t return to training until October

Valentina Rodionenko continues to supply the press with the news from the Aliya Mustafina who gave birth to a girl a few days ago. Talking to R-Sport, she announced the name of the baby and told about Aliya’s plans regarding training.

The baby girl’s name is Alisa (pronounced as Ah-lee-sah). According to Rodionenko, during the pregnancy, Mustafina said that she plans to return to the gym practically right after birth and the coaches told her to calm down and wait. This isn’t quite supported by the previous interviews, though, when Valentina firmly announced that Mustafina will return to the gym in 2017, while Aliya herself was pretty cautious and told that she doesn’t know when she’d return. At the moment, the national team coaches aren’t discussing the return with Aliya yet because “she needs, first, to feel what being a mother is” and “she’s too busy with other things”. Rodionenko thinks that Aliya won’t get back into the gym until October when the team returns to Moscow after the World Championships.

Aliya and her husband, bobsledder Alexey Zaytsev, haven’t yet talked to the press since their daughter was born.

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  • I really hope she would wait at least for two years, the attachment between mother and baby is precious and it’s just once in every baby’s life! So think it wisely and carefully!!

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