Nabieva: I will stay in gymnastics till I die

Tatiana Nabieva recently gave an interview to her teammates for their vlog “Girls Channel” on Youtube. Among questions like “what’s your zodiac sign”, there were some serious ones, too, such as how does she feel about missing on the 2012 Olympics.

She told that she hasn’t stopped doing gymnastics, but she is still recovering from her wrist injury that required a surgery. Her current plan is to compete at the Voronin Cup if she’s ready by then. If not, she will make her competition debut next year.


She is not planning to retire anytime soon. When asked till what age she plans to continue, she answered: “Until I die”. Her actual plan is to compete until a serious injury or until she realized she can’t perform at a high level anymore. When she retires, she plans to focus on coaching full time. She dreams of opening her own gym in Dagestan.

When asked who her favorite gymnast is:

“Nabieva. [laughs] Well, of course, I had gymnastics idols before: when I was a junior, Khorkina was my God. I really wanted to become like Khorkina. But when you grow up and achieve the same things… Well, not exactly the same, of course, I’m not even close to Khorkina, but I have some achievements of my own, so [at that stage] you stop idolizing others.”

Nabieva tells that her main focus is on getting her life in order right now. During most of her gymnastics career, she felt like she was missing out on social life, so recently she’s been going out and partying a lot. She’s not happy with it now and wants to focus on her studies more.

When asked whether she regrets not making the 2012 Olympic team:

“That’s a very painful topic for me. Yes, of course, I regret it very much. If I had the opportunity, I would turn back the time and change everything, I’d do everything I could to make the team and even more.”


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