Nabieva is helping to develop gymnastics in Dagestan

Dagestan, one of the Southern regions of Russia, is not known for raising gymnastics champions. However, Gadjimurad Magomedov, the president of the Dagestan’s gymnastics federation, is trying to change this. He managed to recruit Tatiana Nabieva to help him. Recently, Nabieva traveled to Dagestan for several days and conducted master classes for the young local gymnasts. Nabieva, who currently coaches kids in St Petersburg, has family ties to Dagestan and her grandmother still lives there, so she expressed interest in promoting gymnastics in the region. Right now the whole region has only one gym which is still in the process of acquiring equipment, but more than 100 kids have signed up for classes there.


Nabieva with Magomedov (photo – RIA Dagestan)

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