Nagornyy will compete all-around at the Voronin Cup

Nikita Nagornyy announced that he will compete on all apparatuses at the Voronin Cup. Nagornyy started this year with an ankle injury and attributes his not quite successful performance at Worlds to continued recovery. However, he believes he is fully recovered now and he plans on adding upgrades next year:

“This season started out not so well because I was recovering from an injury – I had a broken ankle. As soon as it healed, I started recovering, but, I guess, I didn’t have time to fully recover because at Euros, I didn’t do floor or vault and won bronze, and at Worlds, I didn’t win any medals. It’s likely due to the injury. But at the end of the year I restored [my routines], went through many competitions and finished quite well.”

“This competition [Voronin Cup] is summing the year up, I will give my all, compete on all the apparatuses and fight for the medals because I represent the Dynamo club. I will upgrade my routines next year, this competition is for cementing my routines, but next year, probably, we’ll add something else. I’m fully prepared for the next season, my health is fine now.”


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