Oksana Chusovitina still hopes to compete the Produnova vault

Oksana Chusovitina is clearly a person that just never gives up – she told to Stadium.ru that she still plans on competing the Produnova vault as soon as her landings become consistent. This season she downgraded her vaults (likely, because of a minor injury she had earlier in the year) but plans on upgrading again in 2018:

“In Moscow, I did the vaults that aren’t the most difficult but they’re reliable. I managed to execute them cleanly. I did a handspring layout full and a Tsukahara with 1.5 twists. I wanted to do everything pretty so that the spectators would like it. It’s important to stay in shape by the end of the year and not to relax. I have a difficult double front vault as a reserve. I will compete it again when I’ll learn to land it consistently. For now, I’m preparing a handspring Rudi layout with 1.5 twists and a Tsukahara with two twists.”

“My closest competition is at the end of January in America. My biggest competitions next year will be the World Championships and the Asian Games. I dream of competing at the Olympics for the 8th time”.


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