Paseka and Spiridonova will lead the Russian team at the Universiade

Russian Gymnastics Federation announced the WAG and MAG teams for the upcoming Universiade.

WAG: Maria Paseka, Daria Spiridonova, Evgeniia Shelgunova, Liliia Akhaimova and Daria Elizarova

MAG: Vladislav Poliashov, Kirill Prokopev, Alexey Rostov, Ilya Kibartas and Daniil Kazachkov.

The gymnasts will have to miss the Russian Cup which will coincide with the Universiade, however, this doesn’t take them completely take them out of the running for the Worlds team, as the final team will be decided in the training camp in September.

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  • Nice team . Russia puts in a good effort to this comp & brings a lot of class that boosts the comp & competotor experience of of others . 2 world champs , a Euro junior champ from 2006 & 2 girls who are still improving at 20 .

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