Paseka needs to go to Germany for a check-up

Maria Paseka has been suffering from back pain for a while and even said at the beginning of this year that she might retire from gymnastics because of the pain. However, she went on training and competing and even winning her second Worlds gold medal on vault last month. In Montreal, Paseka was seen wearing back brace during warm-ups and she said in several interviews that back pain is still bothering her. After coming back to Moscow, she underwent a full check-up at a local clinic, however, according to Valentina Rodionenko, it was not enough to determine the proper course of treatment. The team management decided that Paseka needs to go to Germany for another check-up and they are currently looking at the clinics there:

“We are currently deciding who will be conducting her check-up in Germany. Our [local] specialists already checked her but we concluded that she needs to undergo more comprehensive tests in Germany. We’re in touch with the German clinic that treated our bobsledder [Irina Skvortsova] after her injury because they are experts in the spine problems”.

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