RGF will allow Alla Sosnitskaya to change nationality to Georgia

Alla Sosnitskaya recently competed for Georgia at a small competition in Batumi which sparked rumors about her officially changing the nationality. She is not currently on the Russian national team roster and she would certainly have better chances of making international teams if she competed for Georgia.

Today the president of the Georgian gymnastics federation, Beso Gamsahurdia, announced that Sosnitskaya is currently deciding whether she wants to go through with the nationality change and it can be completed by the middle of October. Valentina Rodionenko confirmed that the Russian gymnastics federation will allow the nationality change. It seems that Sosnitskaya won’t be able to complete the change before the Worlds, though. Gamsahurdia said that there will be a gymnastics competition in Tbilisi, Georgia in the middle of October and if Sosnitskaya finally decides to go through with the change, she will compete for Georgia there.

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