Rodinonenko: Komova has a chance to compete at Worlds

Oh, the never-ending saga of “will she-won’t she compete in August?” continues with Valentina Rodionenko claiming that Viktoria Komova has a chance to compete at this year’s Worlds on bars and vault. Yes, vault. You read it right.

Yesterday, Valentina Rodionenko told to R-Sport that Komova is in good shape and the coaches hope that the gymnast would be able to compete on bars and vault at the Russian Cup in August. This would allow Komova to vie for the spot on the Worlds team. Komova is back at the Round Lake again, training with the junior team, while the senior team is enjoying a week-long holiday in Mallorca.

Competing bars in August might seem reasonable, as according to the recent news, Komova is already capable of doing 3-4 elements in a row. But vault? Especially since Komova never competed a second vault as a senior and this year’s Worlds are individual, meaning one would need to do all-around or have two vaults in order to compete on vault in qualifications. However, there are rumors on the Russian part of the gymternet that Komova is indeed training (or plans to train) two vaults. The rumors say that she wanted to add a second vault a long time ago but her health wouldn’t allow it. Her competing two vaults would also go along with the recent Russian strategy of making all-arounders to do vaults and not to rely just on Paseka. For example, Angelina Melnikova also started competing two vaults this year and even qualified for the vault final at Euros.


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