Rodionenko: I’m a bit worried about the girls

Valentina Rodionenko talked to R-Sport after the Russian team’s podium training.

Rodionenko complained that gymnasts aren’t given enough time on the apparatuses during the podium training. Maria Paseka in her interview to Gymcastic also said that it was hard to do proper podium training when they were given just 9 minutes on each apparatus.

Generally, Rodionenko praised the Russian gymnasts’ performances during the podium training but said that men fared much better, while she’s worried about the women, especially Melnikova:

“Melnikova did not have a very successful podium training yesterday. It’s hard to say what’s going on with her. She had ankle issues, but both the doctors and she said that she’s ok. But yesterday she wasn’t like herself and we got a little bit upset. There are two more days. Perhaps, she’ll get rest and pull herself together.”

“Eremina did well, Paseka vaulted pretty well, and Ilyankova did decent bars. Guys are absolutely fine, they had a decent podium training. We’ll hope for the best, but I’m still a little worried about the girls.”

“We have the following goals: try the new routines out and compete well. This is the first start of the new Olympic quad, everything’s checking each other out. That’s like a foundation for the following years. There’s no need for medal goals here, God forbid.”

“This is the only opportunity to experiment. Nagornyy will do a very difficult routine on floor, and Dalaloylan, all guys will test themselves. Our dream is for them to try [new routines]  and not make any mistakes.”


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