Russia confirmed final rosters for the Worlds

Yesterday was a verification day at the Round Lake where the MAG and WAG teams for Worlds were finally decided. Valentina Rodionenko announced the teams today:

WAG: Angelina Melnikova, Elena Eremina, Anastasia Ilyankova, Maria Paseka

MAG: David Belyavskiy, Nikita Nagornyy, Artur Dalaloyan, Denis Abliazin, Nikita Ignatyev, Sergey Eltsov

The teams didn’t really change from the nominative roster, despite the doubts about Paseka’s and Ilyankova’s places – both were injured and it wasn’t clear if they would be able to compete in Montreal. Paseka will only compete on vault, and Ilyankova will compete on bars and beam, which means Russia will only put two all-arounders, Melnikova and Eremina,  on floor, not trying to fill the third spot.

According to Valentina, Ilyankova’s back doesn’t hurt anymore and that is why they decided to leave her on the team. However, Maria Kharenkova continues to train alongside the team just in case Ilyankova won’t be able to participate. In that case, Kharenkova will compete on beam and floor.

On the mean’s team, Belyavskiy and Nagornyy will compete in the all-around. Dalaloyan is supposed to be the third gymnast on floor, Abliazin – on rings, Ignatyev – on high bar, and Eltsov – on parallel bars. Rodionenko didn’t mention who will take the third spot on vault and pommel horse. Both Abliazin and Dalaloyan have two vaults, with Dalaloyan being the reigning European champion on vault.

The team will fly to Montreal on September, 27.

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