Russian company developed an app to check supplements for prohibited substances

Russian company Element, with the support from The Ministry of Sport and RUSADA, developed a new app that’s supposed to help athletes to check whether the drugs or supplements they take contain any prohibited substances. The app is called Antidoping PRO and is currently available in Russian and English. It contains a database of tens of thousands of drugs and supplements officially registered in Russia, Belarus, and the U.S. The athletes will need to scan a barcode or look up the name of the drug or the specific ingredient they’re not sure about. The app will tell whether the drug/supplement contains any prohibited substances and whether it has any substances that are not prohibited but might result in false positives on doping tests. Using an app like that might prevent situations when athletes think they take an allowed substance while it was actually banned (as happened with Maria Sharapova who claimed she was not aware WADA banned meldonium).

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