Russian Olympic Committee posts a sexist tweet about Melnikova

Angelina Melnikova recently posted several photos on her Instagram in which she posed in a t-shirt that said: “Everybody should be a feminist”.


The official twitter account of the Russian Olympic Committee reposted the photos today with the following caption: “Maybe she’s a feminist, but at the same time she’s beautiful and talented”, implying that being a feminist is not a good thing. The tweet demonstrates how in Russia “feminist” is still often considered to be a curse word. However, if the women in question are at least beautiful and talented, the society will maybe let their digression slide. It’s especially disheartening that such a message is coming from the Olympic Committee, an organization one of whose goals should be empowering female athletes.



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  • Oh~ Speechless…. How could u expect a top athlete to become docile and submissive…. All my best wishes for this young hare working girl!!

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