Tatiana Nabieva will compete at Voronin Cup

Girls Channel – a Youtube channel run by gymnasts from Saint Petersburg – posted a second part of the interview with Tatiana Nabieva. The first part was posted in July. While they tried to provide partial English subtitles at the beginning of the video, the creators eventually gave up, so I’m posting the translation of the interview here. By the way, at the end of the interview, Tatiana Nabieva said that if this video will reach 300 likes, they will film the third part and you can also post questions you’d like to ask her in the comments.

Varvara Batalova was the interviewer and the camera person in this video.

Q: Recently, you went to a competition in the Chezch Republic. Could you tell us a bit how you competed there?

A: I competed well there. I did everything I planned. I vaulted a DTY. Even decently, I liked it myself. It’s a very beautiful country, so many interesting things, all the gothic stuff. I liked it a lot. The people are very friendly. There are many Russians, Ukrainians living there – lots of people who speak Russian.

Q: You didn’t compete there on all four apparatuses. Why didn’t you compete on beam?

A: Because beam isn’t my strongest apparatus. Well, even below average [laughs] and I decided to do vault again in the final*. Because the score would be much higher than I would get on beam.

Q: What can you say about the judging at this competition?

A: The judging… I think that the boys were scored more favorably than the girls because… Well, I think that I did bars better than at the St Petersburg Championships but I got a higher score at the championships [than at Sokol Grand Prix).**

Q: What is your next competition?

A: It took a long time for me to recover, it was very hard. In the first interview, I said that I had a surgery and that I’m slowly beginning [to train] and preparing for competitions and that I’ll prepare for the Voronin Cup. I still intend to compete at the Voronin Cup. Slowly, step by step, I managed to recover.

Q: Has it ever happened to you that you only lost gold by a few hundredths of a point?

A: Yes, at the European Championships in Berlin, at the bars final.

Q: Have you ever taken offense at your coach?

A: Sure, lots of times.

Q: What is your weight?

A: Can I not comment? My weight’s fine but I won’t tell you what it is.

Q: When moving towards your goal, do you focus only on the goal or glance around?

A: Glance around.

Q: Who did you want to become when you were a kid?

A: I wanted to sing!


*The format of the Sokol Grand Prix was as follows – pairs of MAG and WAG gymnasts compete on 3 events in the prelims and on one event of their choice in the finals. You can see the full results here.

**Nabieva’s score on bars was 13.400 at the St Petersburg Championships and 13.250 at Sokol Grand Prix.


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