Trump was treated for neck pain by Oleg Verniaev’s physical therapist

The President of the United States Donal Trump experienced a bout of neck pain during his visit to Israel this week. In order to treat him, Adam Badir, the leading physical therapist from the Assuta Medical Center, was urgently flown in Jerusalem by helicopter.

Adam Badir has been treating Israeli gymnasts for years and worked as one of the Israel’s team doctors at the Rio Olympics. He also treated Ukrainian Oleg Verniaev both during the gymnast’s visits to Israel and in Rio.  Verniaev is flying to Israel next week for 10 days of recovery and physical therapy with Badir. On Instagram stories, Verniaev posted the  screenshot of the news of Badir treating Trump with the capture “that feeling when in a week you are flying to physical therapist @badiradam who was saving the president of the USA”

Adam Badir with the Israeli gymnasts Alexander Shatilov, Andrey Medvedev and Artem Dologpyat (Photo: Assuta Medical Center).

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