Tutkhalian: Eremina got lucky in the all-around

Seda Tutkhalian was a guest on MatchTV where she discussed the results of the women’s all-around final. She commented that Elena Eremina just got lucky to win a medal in the all-around because the main contenders got injured which allowed Eremina to medal with “weak” routines:

“Regarding Lenka, I’m saying, she got lucky that the championships happened like this, that the leaders got injured and Lena ended up in the first three with such a program. Because to vault 1.5 twists and to have such a major mistake on bars and still get into the first three was, well, I guess, it happened for the first time”

Eremina’s all-around difficulty was indeed not the highest, however, coming into the final, the leaders – Hurd and Black – had only 0.3 and 0.2 advantage over her, respectively. Angelina Melnikova had the highest difficulty, topping Hurd’s by 0.5 but that advantage did not help her. Even the medal favorites who got injured – Andrade, Smith, and Iordache – did not have such an advantage in difficulty that would allow for falls or major mistakes – they’re still not Simone who could’ve fallen a couple of times and still won in 2015. Eremina also made up for her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault with her difficulty on bars.

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