Verniaiev dreams of Ukraine hosting Euros or Wolrds

Oleg Verniaiev attended the 2017 European Diving Championships in Kyev last week and talked to XSport about this experience:

“It’s really nice that at least some sports can win the right to host competitions like this. We often cross paths with the divers, we’re friends, so this sport is somewhat close to me. And it’s always nice to watch competitions of that size at home, doesn’t even matter which sport.

I liked the spectators’ behaviors, how they support everyone, cheer, don’t boo anyone. The crowd was good. I’m glad that there are people here who support the sport.

Ukraine hosting European or World Championships in artistic gymnastics has been my dream since I was a child. But, I’m afraid, I won’t have a chance to participate in such an event. I wish we could host at least a World Cup, not even talking about the Euros.”

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