Verniaiev’s dream is to become an Olympic all-around champion

Oleg Verniaiev talked to about his goals for the upcoming season and what he dreams of achieving in gymnastics:

“Winning the Olympics is every athlete’s dream. I also had this dream and, thank God, I was able to fulfill it. Now I have another dream – I want to win the all-around at the Olympics, so this is the goal I will be living with and working towards for the next four years.”

“I got to rest after the European Championships, now the working process has started, there’s a huge training load, we’re working a lot. The Universiade in August will be the first competition, and I have to be ready by then because the Worlds will be a month after that.”

Oleg also said that competing in Asia is a bit hard for him because of the time difference and jetlag, but he tries not to pay attention to this and let it affect his results.


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