Watanabe: FIG is working on including all gymnastics disciplines in the Olympics

Morinari Watanabe, the FIG president, is currently in Baku for the FIG Executive committee meeting and the Islamic Games. Just a few days ago FIG decided to include a new discipline, obstacle course (which is basically parkour under a new name) into the federation and to promote its inclusion in the Olympics. Quite a few fans were upset with this decision saying that FIG should first focus on including acrobatic gymnastic and tumbling in the Olympics before adding a new sport. Watanabe said today in an interview that the federation is working on including all gymnastics disciplines in the Olympics. His plan for gymnastics is to make it as big as the football. He believes that including artistic and rhythmic gymnastics in the Islamic Games for the first time will significantly help promoting these sports in the predominantly Muslim countries.

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  • Then why not open more spots for team members at Olympic, how about 7 gymnasts to make a team, and two specialist?!

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