Yulia Tipaeva, former Russian team member, suffered head injury

Yulia Tipaeva, a former member of the Russian national team, had a very scary fall during a circus performance. Tipaeva retired from artistic gymnastics early and became a trapeze artist in a circus. On the 5th of January, during a performance in Gomel, Belarus, she fell from the height of about 4 meters and missed the safety net, landing on her face. She received a dangerous head injury and was kept in the ICU for a few days. However, she started getting better and was transferred from the ICU yesterday. According to the doctors, Tipaeva is conscious and able to move but will have to stay at the hospital for now.

Yulia Tipaeva (second from the left) with her teammates at 2012 Euros.


Yulia Tipaeva on floor at 2012 Euros in Brussels

Yulia’s friends and colleagues prepared a video wishing her to get better. In the video, you can have a glimpse of her performances in the circus.


Photo: Elena Mikhailova


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