Chusovitina will compete AA starting in 2018

Oksana Chusovitina is unstoppable and she just announced her plan to compete AA for real. Last time she did AA was at the 2016 Rio Test Event in order to qualify for the Olympics and she wasn’t quite happy about it because of bars. However, you can never know with Chusovitina and she apparently changed her mind about bars and even learned a new element:

“The next year we have Asian Games in August. And starting January I’m preparing all-around and will compete all-around at every competition. All four apparatuses. I remembered my old elements and even learned a new element on bars. This brings me joy.”

About the Voronin Cup:

“I haven’t been to the Voronin Cup in a while, but I always like competing here. I want to end this year well, that’s why I come here – I have many friends here. This competition is a kind of jumpstart for the young gymnasts and we, the old ones, see who’s standing behind our backs and stepping on our heels.”

Russian media, still continuing the heated debates about the Winter Olympics, didn’t miss a chance to ask Chusovitina her opinion on the ban of Russian anthem and flag. Chusovitina, of course, went to her first Olympics as a part of the Unified team and had to compete under the Olympic flag at the time:

“I believe that punishing the athletes who were preparing for the Olympics all their life [isn’t fair]… I would be very hurt, crying, if you’re winning and your anthem doesn’t play. It’s like the victory isn’t complete. Yes, you’re an Olympic champion, it’s great, but you are still waiting for that moment when you step onto the podium and see the flag, hear the anthem of your homeland.”

About the 1992 Olympics:

“We were on the podium but you don’t feel the same happiness. We didn’t feel much – the Olympic flag was raised, the Olympic anthem was played, it sounded a bit like Polka. The 1991 Worlds were more memorable for me because our anthem was played, we sang it, this will stay in my memory forever. But that moment [the Olympics] didn’t stay in my memory.”


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