Grishina got some of her property back after suing her mother

Anastasia Grishina’s story of how her mother took all of her money and threw her out of the apartment was the big news in March with Grishina appearing on all the major tv channels. Then, however, there was no news for several months and Grishina stopped giving interviews for a while. Back in March, Grishina sued her mother trying to get back at least some of the property bought with her money. At the time, Grishina, her husband, and their baby son rented a motel room where they didn’t even have a place to cook while her parents and brothers legally owned two apartments, a room in a communal apartment and a country house.

Recently, the lawsuit has come to an end when the sides agreed to settle. As a result, Anastasia Grishina got back a studio apartment in a Moscow suburb and a room in a communal apartment in Moscow. Her mother kept the bigger apartment in Moscow, the country house and the car and didn’t have to return the money she withdrew from Grishina’s bank account.

Grishina says she agreed to not such a favorable settlement because she wanted to end this lawsuit and finally have a place to live:

“In 10 months she [mother] never called, never wrote to me, she’s not interested in her grandson. At least we now have an apartment, because we need to live somewhere with our kid. I don’t want to continue all these proceedings further, I’m just tired of it. I’m happy with what I got back. Let the rest remain on her conscience, let her continue living with this”.


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