Khorkina’s ‘Magic of Winning’ – all the details

This month, Svetlana Khorkina is publishing her new memoir ‘The Magic of Winning”.

Her previous book “Flic-flacs in High Heels” was published 10 years ago and is now out of print. The new book also tells the story of her childhood and gymnastics career and will partially overlap with the new memoir, however, it adds new material on Khorkina’s life in the last 10 years and her current views on the sport. In addition, the book description says that the gymnast now gained perspective and wisdom and she felt like the book needed to be rewritten to reflect her new, more mature self.

There is no information on whether the publisher plans to translate the book to English. However, if you’re interested in acquiring a Russian for your collection, it’s available for pre-order (the website ships overseas) here. The hardback costs about $8.

To celebrate the book release, Svetlana Khorkina will be answering fans’ questions on the Russian website The Question.

Eksmo, the book’s publisher, offers to browse the first few pages of the book here. Interestingly, the first chapter is not about Khorkina’s career, but about doping in sports – following the last year’s doping scandal.

They also posted a few quotes from the book:

“Boris Vasilyevich looked at me critically and said sharply: “Why did you bring her to me, so tall, just look at her! Tall, thin – like a telegraph pole! And she doesn’t have a lot of strength… What am I going to do with her? If you want – you take her and deal with her…”

“Because of my seriousness, focus and looking unapproachable when competing, I was called “cold Uma Turman” and even “Snow Queen”.

“But the experience of losing is also experience, which, if you are striving to grow as an athlete, will eventually translate into your future wins”.

“I came to every competition with one goal – to win. Even if something didn’t go right, I believe that the win is around the corner and this loss is behind me already, just another step towards a future win.”


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