Melnikova won at the Voronin Cup, Komova is second

Angelina Melnikova competed at her 9th competition this year, the Voronin Cup, finishing the season on a high note. Despite her fall from the beam, she won the all-around with 53.9. Viktoria Komova took silver in her first competition after a long break due to a back injury. Komova also fell on beam but finished with 51.8. Irina Sazonova from Iceland became third with 49.800.

Viktoria Komova on bars:

Nikita Nagornyy won the all-around on the MAG side (85.6), Nikita Ignatyev came in second (83.9) and Artur Davtyan from Armenia became third (82.2).

Angelina Melnikova tried a new dismount on beam – a full in. She told to the media that she tried to show her best at this competition:

“Some say that it’s ok to relax a bit here because we’re still in Russia. Of course, we tried to perform close to our maximum but not everything worked out. Regarding my vault, it’s consistent, everything’s fine. My preparation on bars was average, generally, I did it as well as I could. I was preparing a new dismount on beam but I didn’t think that I’d fall on a layout… I did my dismount but fell. At the same time, I’m happy that I tried it.”

“I don’t feel fatigue, on the contrary, I have a huge desire to train. Regarding the last year’s scores, the only positives are the Stuttgart at the beginning of the year and the floor final at Euros. And the fact that I’m trying something new now. I plan on upgrading on the floor as well. There are lots of upgrades but they’re not ready yet.”


Tatiana Nabieva added some drama to the competition by first chugging a DTY she apparently didn’t plan to do (the camera caught her saying to someone that she’d like to throw a DTY because why not) and then stopping before her first pass on floor and ending her routine. She then got to go second time and said on Instagram that there was a problem with her music the first time. Nabieva was also one of the few competitors at the Voronin Cup who managed to finish a beam routine without falls.

Nabieva posted on her Instagram that the Voronin Cup did not go as well as she wanted and she isn’t happy with her performance but it was only her third competition after a long break (because of a wrist injury) and her next goal is competing at the Russian Championships in April.


Uliana Perebinosova, once so promising, continued to have a hard time at this competition and her fall on beam even became a meme:


Notably absent from the competition were Daria Spiridonova and Artur Dalaloyan, who were both on the roster just a day before. No news regarding their absence so far.


Photo: Russian Federation of Artistic Gymnastics


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