Nagorny and Spiridonova – a family of winners

VTB Bank made a short video about Nikita Nagorny and Daria Spiridonova titled “A family of medal winners” (that’s how Nikita titled a photo of him and Dasha after they both won medals in Rio).

The video says “love at first sight”, however, Dasha then says that they’ve known each other for many many years. Nikita says that, of course, Dasha means a lot to him and he thinks he wouldn’t be able to live without her.

They’re asked to participate in an experiment to check how well they know each other. They separately answer questions about each other and see if the answers match. From the video, we learn that Nikita identifies with Superman and his gymnastics idol is Kohei Uchimura. His favorite food is burgers and he likes pasta and pizza, too. I guess that’s where he gets so much power for his tumbling. Dasha’s gymnastics idol is Aliya Mustafina.

The following is the summary of their answers (not word-for-word translation).

Questions about Nikita:

  1. What would be an ideal weekend pastime for Nikita?

Dasha: to stay home and watch TV. Nikita: to sleep and relax.

  1. What is Nikita’s favorite movie genre?

Dasha: action movies. Nikita: action movies.

  1. Which book or movie character Nikita identifies with?

Dasha: Superman. Nikita: Superman.

  1. What’s Nikita’s favorite dish?

Dasha: he likes everything. Maybe, he likes rice the most? Nikita: Burgers.

  1. What’s Nikita’s favorite cuisine?

Dasha: Italian. Nikita: Italian, with lots of pasta, pizza…

  1. What’s Nikita’s favorite clothing brand?

Dasha: Massimo Dutti. Nikita: Massimo Dutti, maybe, or Zara. I guess, Zara.

  1. Who’s Nikita’s sports icon?

Dasha: Uchimura. Nikita: If we’re talking about gymnasts, then, of course, it’s Kohei Uchimura.

  1. Which competition is the most important for Nikita?

Dasha: Olympic Games, but he takes all competitions seriously. Nikita: Any competition where I need to represent my country.

  1. What kind of gifts does Nikita like?

Dasha: any kind, he would like anything I get him. Nikita: all kinds of gifts.


Questions about Dasha:

  1. How many pairs of shoes Dasha has?

Nikita: More and more with every week. 14 at least. Dasha: At least 15, for sure. Maybe, 20.

  1. Who is Dasha’s sports icon?

Nikita: Aliya Mustafina. Dasha: Aliya Mustafina.

  1. What’s Dasha’s sign?

Nikita: Cancer. Dasha: Cancer.

  1. What books does Dasha like?

Nikita: love stories, romances. Dasha: Last book I read was “Me before you”.

  1. What would Dasha choose – a picnic or a dinner at a restaurant?

Nikita: picnic. Dasha: picnic.

  1. Which city is Dasha’s favorite?

Nikita: she likes cities that have lots of lights at night. Dasha: I like big cities, especially at night, when there are many lights, lots of people.

  1. What did Dasha think when she first met you?

Nikita: nothing. Dasha: nothing. I’ve always liked him but didn’t show it.

  1. What kind of music does Dasha like?

Nikita: she likes a singer called Hanna. Dasha: I like all sorts of music. My favorite singer is Hanna.

  1. What’s Dasha’s ideal breakfast?

Nikita: she just drinks coffee. Dasha: It depends on my mood, but mostly I just like to drink coffee.

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