Rodionenko: other teams want to train with us, we don’t invite them

The MAG national team of Italy is currently training at the Round Lake with the Russian team. Artur Dalaloyan posted a picture with Matteo Levantesi on his Instagram – the gymnasts exchanged team shirts.

Valentina Rodionenko talked to TASS about hosting foreign MAG teams at the Round Lake.

According to Rodionenko, Italians asked to train at the Round Lake for a week and such occurrences happen often: “In a week, Israelis are coming here, also Croatians want to come, and we hosted Japanese and Sout Koreans before. We don’t invite them, they ask to come. Our national team is the second in the world, there is enough to learn from us.”

Rodionenko also said that the Russian team plans on having training camps in Japan leading to the Tokyo Olympics. Andrei Rodionenko is planning to visit Japan in July to see where such camps can take place.


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