Russian Cup schedule

The Russian artistic gymnastics federation announced the schedule for the Russian Cup.

It will take place on August 21-27 in Yekaterinburg, home city of David Beliavskiy. This year the federation is making a special effort to promote the competition. Usually, the national Russian competitions are poorly attended, but this year the situation might change due to the promotion. The organizers also promise autograph sessions and lotteries and they invited a well-known MC as a competition announcer.

For now, there is no information about a live stream. We will post updates on the roster and the stream.

Schedule (local time UTC+5)

12:00-18:00 MAG qualification and team final


11:00-15:30 WAG qualification and team final

17:30-19:30 MAG all-around final


15:00-16:45 WAG all-around final


15:00-17:00 WAG, MAG event finals


15:00-17:00 WAG, MAG event finals



Photo: Russian Cup poster by RGF

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