Scherbo: I’m used to getting what I want from women

While Vitaly Scherbo continues to stay silent regarding the rape allegations made by Tatyana Gutsu, some of his earlier interviews paint a picture of a person who does not respect women that much.

Here is a translation of an excerpt from his interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda in 2010. In the whole interview he mostly talks about his gym, how the economic crisis affected his business and so on, but in this part, he talks about meeting his second wife (she is younger than him by 13 years) and trying to get her to have sex with him:

Q: You mom in Minsk told us that you got married and became a father for the second time.

A: Yes, I got married to a young woman from Lipetsk. Valentina is 25 years old. Our girl was born a year after the wedding. Even though, honestly, I wanted a boy. And our daughter is already 9 months old.

Q: I’m assuming it’s not too hard to find a young woman from Russia in the States, but why specifically Valentina?

A: I fell in love. Once a couple of circus artists came to my gym to train before their show. She was among them. We met. And then I saw her working as a seller in a Russian store. Turned out the show ended early but she needed money to live on. That’s when we started dating and everything continued from there.

Q: How did she catch you? You, a person who knows his way around women.

A: I won’t be modest, I’ve seen plenty of women in my life. Playboy, in general. And I’m used to getting what I want from women. And you understand what I wanted. And here I’ve known Valentina for half a year – and nothing! I was deeply offended by it! I did everything I could. And nothing! You won’t believe it, but it happened for the first time only after the wedding.

Q: Unbelievable!

A: That’s why I married her. Because she’s not like the 99% of women who want to get married by all means. Once I even decided to give up on her with her refusals, why the hell would I need that? I thought she’d come running back to me but I was mistaken. So I came to her again. And nothing. So, I realized that she would be an ideal wife and mother. And what else do I need in my life? Only that.


Scherbo’s mother also recounted this story to the journalists, although some details vary:

Q: How did Valentina get to America?

A: She’s from Lipetsk, a gymnast, then she finished a circus school. She went to Las Vegas with her circus company four years ago and worked there at a local circus. I don’t even know where she lived there. But the circus was closed because of the [financial] crisis and Valentina went to work at a Russian store as a seller. She got paid very little, of course. She had a residence permit, but not a passport.  So, Vitalik was buying something in this store, they got chatting… You know how sociable he is! Then he’s saying to me: “Mom, she impressed me with how unusual she is.” He said: “She’s totally not like all the other women, the ones like her don’t exist anymore”. I said to him: “What, she didn’t let you have sex with her for a long time”. “Yeah, mom, she’s so inaccessible”. That really turned Vitaly on because he’s used to getting everything he wants.

Q: And how did this standoff end?

A: My son told her: “Valya, I’m single, you know me. We like each other, but we have to try it…” Well, you know what I’m talking about. But the woman stood her ground – nothing until the wedding. But [women] like that don’t exist anymore! And the times are different. My son started explaining to Valentina that he had a girlfriend before that who also used to say no. And then it turned out that they were totally incompatible sexually. He tried to prove to Valya that sexual life is very important in a family.  All in all, they even ended up breaking up for about 1,5 months. But Vitalik said: “If you change your mind – call me.” And so she calls him after 1,5 months and says: “Vitalik, I missed you”. “Oh, really?” So, she moved in with him and now they’re mad about each other. And I think this isn’t some youthful passion. Vitalik is very seasoned in these things already. He says: “Mom, the more I learn about her, the more I love her. And I’m sure she’ll never change. And she doesn’t want my money or titles”. He’s really changed for the better! You know that he used to swear a lot. And now he doesn’t! I’ve never heard [him swearing since then]. He says: “I’m ashamed to swear now, it’s a habit. It was all because of my environment”.

Q: Valentina Nikolayevna, for how long Vitaly has been divorced from his first wife?

A: Divorced for two years and separated for two years before that. He told me after the divorce: “Oh mom, I’m having fun, sleeping with different girls all the time, letting myself relax… I got married almost right after the Olympics, so I didn’t have enough time to sleep around”. And now he’s the boss! He used to say: “I know what the chicks want. My dough, my title and the rest…”

Q: Did he try to relieve his boredom with American women?

A: There were all sorts. Americans, Russians… There was one, her parents were rich. Her daddy was some sort of a rich oil person… Or how do you call it?

Q: Oil tycoon.

A: That’s it, the girl’s father was an oil tycoon in Russia. She was also 24, by the way. Her mom was a dentist. A prestigious and money-making profession. But then my son says: “Of course, the girl looks great, she has perky breasts, but I just can’t live with her. I’ll be cheating on her”. But now it’s a completely different story. My son calls his wife Valyusha, it’s like a balm for my soul. I read a book by Louise Hay where she said that sons try to find women who resemble their mothers.


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