Sosnitskaya competed for Georgia at the Sikharulidze Cup

It looks like Georgia is winning the game of “who will get the best Russian gymnasts” among the FSU countries. Last year Polina Borzykh started to compete for the Georgian team and this year she was also joined by Anna Subbotina and Alla Sosnitskaya. The team of Sosnitskaya, Subbotina and Butckikh took the second place after Russia at the Sikharulidze Cup in Batumi that took place last week. Sosnitskaya also won vault, beam, and floor, took the second place all-around and the third on bars.

Sosnitskaya is a bronze team medalist from Euros and Worlds from 2014. She was slated to compete at the 2015 Euros but was injured during the podium training and replaced by Maria Paseka flown in the last moment. Since then, Sosnitskay struggled with recovery. She was officially on the national team in 2016 and competed at the Russian Championships but did not get any international assignments that year. This year she competed at the Russian Championships on floor and vault and made the event final on vault, but did not win a medal and was not named to the national team. Considering that Russia has several vaulters at the moment and that Sosnitskaya wasn’t useful to the team on other events, she will definitely have more opportunities to compete on the Georgian national team.   She does not yet have an FIG license for Georgia but this is probably just a matter of time.

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