Valeri Liukin: Everyone’s looking for someone to blame

Lately, the Russian media has been following the Nassar hearings and the news about USA Gymnastics pretty closely – even the story of the father  of three survivors attacking Nassar made the news there. Interestingly, the Russian media were silent about Valeri Liukin’s resignation for several days – perhaps, not sure what to make of it. Liukin’s appointment as the national team coordinator was seen by some as a proof of the greatness of Soviet gymnastics and the criticism of him as being too “old school” would probably fall on deaf ears even in the modern Russian culture.

Liukin gave a short comment to TASS about his resignation: “The main reason for my resignation is the scandal with the doctor. Everyone is now looking for someone to blame even though I had nothing to do with the main [team] staff at the time”.

In his official statement to USA Today, Liukin said that the present climate caused him and his family too much stress and difficulty.


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