Maria Paseka will have a back surgery in Germany

Maria Paseka told the media that she will go to Germany for a surgery in December. Originally, Valentina Rodionenko said that Paseka would go to a German clinic for a check-up, however, it seems that the issue is more serious and requires a surgery.

Paseka said that she is currently not training and waiting for her surgery to be arranged:

“I’m not training right now, I was allowed to rest. My coach is arranging for me to go to Germany. They will operate on my back. It’ll likely be in the same clinic where they did a surgery on the girl who was hit by a bobsleigh [Irina Skvortsova]. I don’t know yet when it will happen, but everything will probably be decided this week.”

She also told Tass that she’d miss Voronin Cup because her surgery will happen in December.

In happier news, Maria Paseka recently got engaged and the wedding will be on July 13th, 2018, in Moscow.

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